Becoming a BLF Canada Missionnary

BLF’s goal is to reach the French World for Christ. If you share that desire, Prayerfully consider becoming a missionnary with BLF Canda.

To become a BLF missionary, you must go through the application process.

Contact our office for an application form

– If your application is approved by the director, you (and your spouse, if applicable) must then:

1.Undergo a psychological test

2. Be interviewed and approved by the board

BLF missionaries are Faith Supported, which means they are responsible to raise their own support.

Current missionary opportunities:

Regional representatives (part time)

A regional representative works in a specific geographic area of Canada.  They work with churches, Bible Colleges, mission festivals, etc, promoting the work of BLF Canada and raising awareness of the needs of French Canada.

We need representatives for BC,  the Prairies, and the Maritime areas of Canada.


Church planters (full time)

We are looking for missionaries that will come and intentionally make their living in unreached French communities, with the goal of breaking new ground for the Gospel and making disciples.

We are specifically praying for St-Canut, Quebec at this time, but if there is another community on your heart, we may send you there.



“Tentmakers” (part time missionaries)

Just like Paul made tents while preaching the gospel (Acts 18:2-4), a part-time BLF missionary can hold another job to help with finances while raising their support.



Missionary Pastor

Many churches in Quebec do not have a pastor, and many can’t afford to pay one anyways.  A missionary pastor raises their own support before taking over as shepherd of a flock.



BLF Canada has permission to translate certain books from English into French, but we have more work than we have translators!


French Writer

Translation of English resources into French is great, but it is even better if there are French authors writing French books.




Every organization needs those that “stay with the bags” (1 Samuel 30:21-24).  Without support staff in the background, the organization would collapse.

Positions available:

-Bookkeeper for Quebec office (Minimum qualification: someone who is good at math and is a good learner)