IQ Team

IQ stands for Illuminate Quebec.  An IQ team is a short-term missions experience in Quebec, usually in the area of Lachute.

Dates are customizable.  The standard experience is a 10 day trip (two weekends with a week in between).  Contact our office to work out dates for your team.


Upcoming Team dates: (descriptions below)

Experience: Summer 2015 (flexible start and end dates) (Apply by 30 Apr 2015)

Build Team:  August 7-16, 2015  (Apply by: 25 June 2015)

Reach Team: March 2016 (apply by Nov 30th 2015)

Experience: Summer 2016 (apply by 29 Apr 2016)

Reach Team in Manitoba: July 21-Aug 1 2016 (apply by 29 Apr 2016)

Build Team: Aug 4-15 2016 (apply by 23 Jun 2016)


How to join:


If you want to lead or join an IQ team, contact us


For full time mission opportunities (longer than 6 months), click here




Short Term Missions

There are four types of Short-term mission team opportunities with BLF Canada.  Contact our office for details.


Want to tear something down or build something up?  There’s always a construction project waiting for people to help.


The French people need to hear the gospel.  Can you help spread the Good News in French Canada?


Looking for an internship experience? From experiencing French Canadian ministry to learning the language, there’s plenty to do.


There are over 220 million Francophones in the world.  BLF Canada sends teams to other French speaking countries, such as Haiti or Togo.