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Garage Sale for a New Mission in 2015

Tribune-Express Volume 20, #36.  July 11, 2014

On June 21st, members from local evangelical churches held a large garage sale on Canton Road in Brownsburg-Chatham.  Many curious people visited the barn, which was stuffed full of treasures.  The funds gathered from this garage sale will finance the next mission to Haiti, which will be in January 2015.  The team will be made up of members of the local evangelical churches.

“The missionaries want to construct a medical building which will operate a clinic for dentistry and ophthalmology (for the eyes) in Tiverney, Haiti.  This clinic will offer its services to all Haitians, regardless of beliefs,” explained Rev. Toe-Blake Roy, one of the church leaders.

Anyone who wants to donate articles for future garage sale fundraisers- which will take place at the end of August and the end of September- can call 450-562-4102.  (By Julie Godin.  Translated by Zachariah Kenney)

Tribune Express Volume 20, No 33.  June 20th, 2014.

The Big Missionary Garage Sale (by Stéphane Lajoie.  Translated by Zachariah Kenney)

It has now become a summer tradition.  Evangelical missionaries from Argenteuil, who go on a mission trip to Haiti every year, have organized a mega garage sale on Canton road, in Brownsburg-Chatham.  From the 21st to 24th of June, citizens can go through thousands of items, including plenty of clothing and furniture for purchase.  The proceeds help finance the mission trip to Haiti.  Remember that the missionaries not only help Haitians on a spiritual level, but also with things like agriculture, meal preparation and construction of community buildings.