BLF Canada History

In 2001, missionaries from BLF USA founded BLF Canada to meet the needs for Christian literature among the French-speaking population of Canada, as well as recruit personnel and funds for ministry in French-speaking countries.

Growth and Change:

·      BLF Canada was first established in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2001. The board was made up of Constantine Yphantides, Cliff Davie and Walter Thiessen. There was less than $5000 in donations in the first year.

·      In 2002, BLF Canada hired a part-time bookkeeper.

·      By 2004, there were 6 board members, and the annual budget commanded over $80,000.

·      In 2006, the search for an executive director came to fruition, and Toe-Blake Roy was added to the staff full-time as the first director of BLF Canada. Toe-Blake had planted a church in Lachute, Quebec while working for Fellowship French Missions; and had been active in French ministry for 15 years. Since becoming director, Toe-Blake has been instrumental in forging partnerships and projects in Quebec and around Canada to further the mission of BLF.

·      2006- BLF Canada establishes a partnership with Hope for Today Ministries (Aujourd’hui Espoir). Hope for Today is an evangelism ministry that has been active in Evangelism camps, Hope Breakfasts, Radio and television ministry in Quebec for the past 20 years. The partnership is a perfect match. BLF Canada produces the literature. Hope for Today distributes it through its various evangelism efforts.

·      March 2009 marked the first all Canadian Impressions Team to France (a Mennonite church from Killarney)

·      In 2010, two families completed the application process, and were accepted as missionaries with BLF Canada. Daniel and Isabelle Julien specialized in evangelism, ministering in Quebec and other parts of Canada. Zachariah and Jael Kenney are currently involved in administration roles.

·      In January 2011, a field office was established in Lachute, and most of the work formerly done in Winnipeg was transferred to Quebec. A part-time bookkeeper is still employed for the Winnipeg office.

·      With the field office, Zachariah Kenney was added as part-time staff with the title “Assistant to Director”.

·      In September 2011, François and Marie-Paul Bedard were added to the missionary staff. 

·      In February 2013, BLF Canada officially partnered with DEQ (Distributions Evangelique du Quebec)