Our Staff

Like many charities, volunteers help make the mission of BLF Canada a reality.  People can use their gifts for the advancement of the glorious kingdom of our Lord. Some of our regular volunteer staff include:

Shirley Plett works as the bookkeeper for the Manitoba office.

Rachel Touchette works as a volunteer translator for BLF Canada.  Trained by the government, she mostly helps translate IQ Letters and other documents from English to French for BLF Canada.

Rob MongeauRob Mongeau was born in a Roman Catholic family in ville St-Michel in Montréal. At age 2, his parents move to Terrebonne, where he grew up. At age 15, he became rebellious, which led him from foster home to foster home, until the age of 18. A year later he met the Lord, and started his upward journey. He joined a Church and started serving with the youth, (which he still does today). He married, and in 1999, he and his wife and then 2 kids, moved to Winnipeg, where he studied Theology, at Providence College and Seminary, and helped in the establishment of a French church in St-Boniface, before moving back to Québec, where he continue to serve the Lord in a local church in Lachute (and now has 4 wonderful children).

Rob designed the BLF Canada Website, and helps with book sale events in Quebec.


To volunteer with BLF Canada, contact our office (info@blfcanada.org), or visit our get involved page for more opportunities.